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March 25, 2009

The final week in disguise

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March 15, 2009

Harvest Time

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Mo, March 15th

  • feed-back workshop with Clare Wigfall >>report & media
  • your creative products to be added there, if you don’t mind
  • wikipedia.de/en idea: who’d like to write (–> next Tue) ?
  • Abi-Klausur example
  • some more useful vocab

Wed, March 17th

  • marks & more
  • arranged marriages/forced marriages >>film
  • honor killings >>Kristin’s podcast >>text
  • list of links to your Indian & BNW topics/articles in your blogs

Thurs, March 18th

  • slum.dog.millionaire

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March 9, 2009

Mar 9th-Mar 12th: bits & bytes

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Mon 9th:

  • participles: your homework GRIP p. 107 no.4
  • repetition: summary & quotations [handout]
  • point of view: phrases & structures
  • vocab: relationships; literature

Wed 11th:

  • some more useful vocabulary
  • your input: topics BNW and HEAT (results from last Thurs)

Thurs 12th: Workshop with Clare Wigfall

Die englische Schriftstellerin Clare Wigfall besucht nächste Woche für drei Tage  das Gymnasium Ulricianum im Rahmen von Lesungen und Workshops.  >>more

March 1, 2009

March 2nd-4th: India & BNW

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Mo, March 2nd:

  • grammar: adverbials & participles –
    GRIP pp. 103/104
    @home: p. 107 no. 4
    writing practise: improving a text with adverbials & participles
  • vocab: language & style (handout)

click-tip: learning English with viodeo, mp3 & script >>my blog

Wed, March 3rd:

  • common mistakes in your Klausuren
  • your results from the India topics

>>”Need to Know – Forced Marriages” [teachers’ tv]

Worth knowing about India’s history
>>film on ARTE “Great India” 

…and part 2 on ARTE “Ashoka-Der Krieger Buddhas”

Thurs, March 4th:

  • working on topics related to “Brave New World”[1] Genetic Risks and IVF, NYT article
    [2] IVF & eight babies in the USA – medicine & moral
    [3] why do Austria and Hungary oppose to allow gm corn?
    [4] Thomas More “Utopia”
    [5] personal data, the state and Orwell’s 1984 – are we already there?
    [6] ?
  • working on British History:
    Queen Victoria, Industrial Revolution, Technology & Innovation, etc. >>BBC British History 
  • [and there’s a bit about “British India and the Great Rebellion” as well]


next week Thurs: workshop with Clare Wigfall >>details on Lady Mi’s blog

February 23, 2009

Feb 23rd -26th: India revisited

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Mo, Feb 23rd:

  • experiences: Klausur, topic, tasks
  • organisation/dates
  • grammar/voc: what do you need?
  • adjectives (handouts “A close-up on adjectives”)
  • GRIP, pp. 141-142 (adjectives/advers: comparative and superlative forms)
  • @home (next Mon): GRIP, p. 146 no.2

Wed, Feb 25th:

  • OK, you are writing Klausuren, sorry
  • HEAT revisited (bring in novel, please)
  • Indian topics >>Zentralabitur 2009
  • Hit British film Slumdog Millionaire has won the top prize at the Academy Awards, winning eight Oscars including best director and best picture. ” >>BBC >>wikipedia

Thurs, Feb 26th:

  • how did you like MOON in DEL? >>more
  • and this is the Grotowski method the company used on stage >>more
    “Grotowski believed that theater could exist without makeup, costumes, and scenery, but that it could not exist without the actor-spectator relationship of perceptual, direct, and “live” communion. >>about Grotowski
  • feed-back: oral participation/marks”
  • in five groups:
  • [1] Ghandi: handout +film +Rushdie
  • [2] Partition: handout + Mumbai attacks
  • [3] Religion: handout + details Hinduism, etc.
  • [4] Nehru: handout + following Prime Ministers, family, etc.
  • [5] Women in India: handout + IT specialists, arranged marriages, etc.

==> results to be summed up on a handout (1 page) and presented in 8mins next Wed @banana :-);


“Folgende Aspekte sind im Rahmen dieses Themas zu berücksichtigen:”
• (e.g. India: Colonial rule and the struggle for independence)
• (e.g. Present-day India: a mosaic of contrasts (political, economic, religious and social aspects)

In the pipeline:

February 18, 2009

Feb16th-19th: Klausur week

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Franziska: chapter_two: chapter_two1 [word.doc]

Anke H.: comparison street-life/park:
                   comparison_street_-life_park [word.doc]

Maren: chapter 2 maren_chap2 [word.doc]

Venja:  Significance of the moon venja_significance_moon

               Chapter 5 venja_chapter-5

Mo, Feb 16th:

  • while I’ll be in Berlin you’ll relax or finish last Thursday’s work

Wed, Feb 18th:

  • presentation of last Thursday’s work on associated topics MOON

Thurs, Feb 19th:

  • Klausur MOON 4 periods

Tip for the time after your finals:

Kostenlos ins Ausland/Freiwilligendienst:

Mit dem neuen Freiwilligendienst „kulturweit“ fördert das Auswärtige Amt interkulturelle Kompetenz und Weltoffenheit von jungen Menschen. Als „Schlüsselkompetenzen in unserer globalisierten Welt“ bezeichnete Staatsminister Gernot Erler diese Fähigkeiten in seinem Eingangsstatement.”
>>more Auswärtiges Amt

Anmeldungen ab 20. Februar >>Kulturweit

February 9, 2009

Feb 9th – 12th: wrap-up MOON

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Mo, Feb 9th:

  • all the groups’  papers about the MOON chapters + “Three Men in Search of  Their Identity” (Julian Barber, Solomon Barber, Marco Stanley Fogg)
  • handout “connectors” and exercises
  • handout “close-up on adjectives” ==> worth learning/doing the exercises individually, perhaps instead of next week’s Monday-grammar lesson which we skip as I won’t be in  😦

Wed, Feb 11th:

  • Edison & Tesla (Andreas/Daniel) – progress
  • Arts and the West (Maren/Anke H.)
  • Lewis and Clark expedition >>more
  • google.com: images “Utah”, “American West”
  • Thurs, Feb 12th [bring in “MOON”]:

     In groups/pairs without me, results to be presented next week Wednesday, the day before the Klausur

    • the American Frontier –> connection to Destiny, Kennedy, etc.
    • Paul Auster: biography and works with reference to MOON >>more
    • post-modern novels: what’s typical of them, is MOON one?
    • narrative technique of MOON >>glimpse [who actually narrates?] (handout)
    • spots on American history and MOON ==> American self-image (handout)
    • Abraham Lincoln, the US, Obama & more (SZ  15. + 22. 1. 2009)
    • “Neuanfang ist das Leitmotiv der amerikanischen Geschichte” –> MOON, Obama & the American self-image [SZ 22-01-2009]

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    February 4, 2009

    Feb4th – 5th: grammar & MOON

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    Wed, February 4th

    Thurs, February 5th

    • MOON chaps 5 , 6 , 7
    • wordfield “Geography”
    • Manifest Destiny >>wikipedia
    • the “frontier” topic (handout “The American Frontier”)

    Still to be dealt with:

    • Edison/Tesla (Daniel/Andreas)
    • Arts % the West (Anke H./Maren)
    • City Life ./. Central Park pp. 62-64
    • narrative technique
    • Paul Auster; biography
    • postmodernism/novels

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    January 28, 2009

    Jan, 26th – 29th: exercises and practise

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    Mon, Jan 26th, 2009:

    • exercises “sollen”
    • definite article: GRIP p. 154
    • vocab: “Life in the community” (–> Thurs)
    • @home: GRIP p. 156 no. 2 (next Wed)

    Wed, Jan 28th, 2009:

    • handout “structuring texts”
    • writing practise: “Analyze rhetoric means used in Obama’s inauguration address, considering the intended effect on the audience”

    Thurs, Jan 29th, 2009:

    • MOON chapters 3 & 4
    • city vs. nature (chap. 2)
    • “open spaces”/the West
    • US basics

    Enjoy the short, yet nonetheless deserved holidays;
    Wednesday: GRIP, grammar and @home: GRIP p. 156 no. 2

    Thursday: MOON chaps 5 & 6 and everybody please read Manifest Destiny >>wikipedia

    Needed for short presentations:

    • technology topic in chapter 4: Edison & Tesla (good links on learnetix.de) ==> two/but who?
    • Manifest Destiny in Arts (good links on learnetix.de)  ==> two/but who?
    • ???”Exploration and settlement” and “Indians” necessary???

    January 18, 2009

    Jan 19th – 22nd: The Obama week

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    Mo, January 19th:

    • vocab repetition
    • apostrophe [handout]
    • “müssen”, “sollen” and its proper equivalents [GRIP pp. 77 ff.; rules: pp. 78+79]]
      –> some rules & exercises online
    • @home: second handout “‘sollen’ and its equivalents;
      next Mon: GRIP p. 82 no. 4 etc.

    Wed, January 21st:

    • Obama’s speech: text & video
    • contents, rhetoric means, US ‘basics’
    • comments & analysis   >>SPIEGEL >>BBC
    • @home: comparison to another inauguration speech

    Thurs, January 22nd:

    • MOON chapters 1 & 2

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